Casino Deposits - How To Fund An Account

Online casinos for U.S. players will give the option to play for free or for money. The latter of the two options will require an extra step in the process to those opting to play for fun. When choosing to play to win real money, a deposit is needed to fund the player's account. Online casinos try to make it as easy as possible on their players to make a deposit - through the time it takes + the methods that are offered.

For USA players, because these legal casinos operate offshore, the funding options are somewhat limited by comparisons to those in other countries. With that being said though, there are often several accompanying funding options able to be used by Americans. This page is designed to highlight the deposits methods most often associated as being a 'U.S.-friendly' option. Learn what these funding options are + how they are applied at online casinos. The methods that you will read about apply in general terms - specific casinos could feature all of them, one of them, or a a few.

U.S. Online Casino Deposit Methods - Most Popular ways To Deposit

Below, we have brief descriptions of the most commonly accepted deposit methods at Internet casinos that welcome U.S. players. Info on what ways are possible + the specific process that players must go through are discussed. Like we mentioned above however, for the most specific details we suggest that you visit our reviews on individual sites - these will explain what methods are offered there.

What Is The Fastest Way To Fund Online Casino Accounts?

Most funding options take place quickly but it's the instant transfer of funds through using plastic that is the fastest. And that's even better for USA players because using a credit card or similar option to deposit is most commonly accepted at online casinos that are legal for Americans. Those who use any of the following methods will be able to access those funds transferred from the card right away provided it is accepted by the casino they choose:.

Credit Cards - Visa, Mastercard and American Express can usually be used to establish an account, but the emphasis is on "usually". Sometimes your bank may not honor the transaction due to an overly-cautious policy based on UIGEA, so you'll need to look at other options.

Debit + Bank Cards - Most work exactly the same as credit cards, but a few sites that honor your Visa credit account will not allow you to open your deposit account with debit cards.

Prepaid + Gift Cards - These are normally treated either as debit cards or cash. Almost all sites will honor those that serve as surrogate cash transactions. Some will not honor those that act as debit transactions.

Other Ways To Add Money To Your Online Casino Account:

If you do not have access to any of the above methods right off-hand, do not worry because there are other ways to get the job done. With that said, there should be some way to make an instant deposit before it comes down to using these methods but to each their own! Check out a few details about these methods and if you want to use them, follow our link to that specific page to see online casinos that take that form of payment.

Personal Checks / Money Orders / Cashier's Checks

The vast majority of online casino sites require you to set up your account using a bank account and/or credit card number. That being said, these methods of deposit are always frowned upon, and almost always not available.

Cash Transfer - Money Wire Transfer

Many online casinos accept cash transfers in the form of a wire transfer. The most commonly sent type of wire transfer is through Western Union. This allows a rapid transfer of cash to take place, getting to the casino cashier within about 30 minutes. Fees can be incurred from the sender through the manner used outside of the casino. Other money transfers include a MoneyGram- a similar way of sending to Western Union.

Third-Party Services - Purchasing Other Forms Of Payment

There are third-party options available for online gamers that like to bet on sports primarily. These include the very popular UnionPay card, which acts as cash and can be purchased as a voucher for sports betting at many sites. But for casino games, third-party choices are limited almost to the point of being non-existent.

These Casinos Have The Easiest Deposit Methods For U.S. Players

Ready to eliminate the frustration and hassle that comes with guessing which online casinos take which casino deposit methods? We know how it goes because we were once in your shoes. For that reason we took the time to break down several of the best online casinos that are safe for U.S. residents. You can access those full reports of each casino by clicking on the appropriate links in the table below:

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