Legal Online Casinos For USA Players

Welcome to Our goal is to be your “go-to” choice for all the important information necessary to determine how, and where, you can find the legal, and enjoyable, online gaming environment that makes you want to return again and again.

Since you’re visiting us, you are obviously interested in a safe, secure and legal online casino experience. We’ll cover all of the basics, and many of the specifics, that apply, and hopefully it will assist in enhancing your legal, online gaming pleasure.

Are online casinos legal in the U.S.?

The short answer is yes, but there are qualifiers. Depending upon where you live in the U.S., you can assume that most or all the sites where you can play online legally are based in other countries. Of these, many offer a well-regulated and safe environment. Some may not, so it’s important you learn as much as possible about the various sites – that’s why we’re here.

Online gambling for U.S. citizens is regulated,to some degree, on the federal and state level. Some of these statutes are convoluted and confusing, some are arcane and outdated, and most do not affect the individual player. will try to cut through the muddle and provide reliable clarity and guidance for those seeking to enjoy casino games online safely and legally.

One overriding concern, regardless of where the site is located, is the legal age requirement. All reputable sites include this restriction, and Americans wishing to play legal casino games online always have to be at least eighteen years of age, and in some cases, twenty-one.

Are online casinos regulated in the U.S.?

Regulation in the U.S. applies to entities licensed and based in the U.S. In other words, only online casinos claiming a base within U.S. borders are subject to U.S. regulation. As a result, those Americans looking for a legal, safe place to indulge in casino-style games can find a myriad of choices among the sites based in offshore locations that are regulated by the laws of their host countries, and accept U.S. players. Those legal sites include all those we review at

Best legal casinos for U.S.A. players

As indicated, the parameters which make an online casino “legal” vs. “illegal” are pretty simple – if a federal and/or state law does not apply to that site, based on where it is based, and the laws of the host nation permit U.S. players to participate, it is legal for Americans to play. This doesn’t necessarily mean these sites will be enjoyable, which is also a requisite for a truly memorable gaming experience. So we’ll run down some sites, with which we are familiar, that provide legal, and enjoyable, casino-style fun for players from the U.S. and indeed, around the world.

Lucky Red Casino
400% Match up to $4,000!
Lucky Red Casino

If you’re wondering if an online casino site is legal for U.S. players, you can rest easy here – the top line of the Lucky Red Casino website includes “U.S. Players Welcome”. It even includes a U.S. flag. But that’s not what makes it work. It’s legal, safe and secure because it is not located in an area where federal law would prohibit it, and it uses software designed to prevent anything that violates U.S. law to wind up on your browser.

With more than 130 games and exciting graphics, Lucky Red presents the player with a stimulating online casino experience. Lucky Red is also well-known, and well-liked, for its many promotional programs and bonuses, which add to a player’s account in a variety of creative ways. Playing your favorite casino games online is not only legal, and a lot of fun, at Lucky Red Casino – it can also prove to be a positive boost to your account. This is not just a good place to play. It’s a good place to win.

Bovada Casino
100% Match Bonus up to $1,000
Bovada Casino

One of the most renowned online casino-style productions in the world, Bovada relies on its many clients from the U.S. to stay up and running. Based in Canada, this neighbor to the north designed everything, from the games it offers to the security and privacy measures it implemented, with Americans in mind. In the case of Bovada, there are some legal issues not found at many other sites. Due to trade relations developed with individual states and Canada, players in Washington state, D.C. and Maryland who don’t already have an account at Bovada, must seek other venues.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that legally permits players to log on, Bovada will prove itself to be a remarkable casino gaming experience. The choices are limited only by your imagination and energy – baccarat to blackjack, craps to slots, bingo to roulette, with bonuses and promotions on each, well, you get the idea. The name of the game is always fun, no matter which table ultimately attracts your interest.

Club World Casino
300% Match up to $3,000!
Club World Casino

Located within the realm of the United Kingdom, Club World is very attentive to the needs of the citizens of its most loyal ally – especially when it comes to legality. U.S. players account for a large percentage of gamers that frequently visit Club World not only for its inviting casino atmosphere. Club World is recognized for providing a safe and legal environment for U.S. players to enjoy casino games.

Besides the important aspect of being legal, Club World meets all the other criteria for a great online casino experience. Hundreds of slots, tables games and specialty games provide U.S. players with choices that might make one have to stop and take a deep breath. But once you decide on your favorite, play day or night. Bonuses, weekly promotions and first class customer service – our friends across the pond do it right.

WinPalace Casino
$200 Match up to $1,000!
WinPalace Casino

WinPalace Casino is based in Curacao, a Caribbean Island off the coast of Venezuela. As such, it is legal and safe for Americans to play all the casino games offered, either in “play for free” form or for real cash stakes. Deposit and payout methods are specifically designed to accommodate U.S. players and laws pertaining to them. RTG software powers the site, and provides not only a plethora of games but state-of-the-art security and privacy protection.

Logging on at WinPalace will bring players all the excitement and sophistication an experienced gamer would expect from a high-dollar casino. The colors, graphics and wealth of information can be daunting to the newcomer, but after downloading the award-winning RTG software, players can choose to play “for free” until they are comfortable enough to jump feet-first into real cash casino games. Casino
$5,000 Bonus Package! Casino

Despite the name, is a strong all-around casino and is known for having great table games + not just slots. Based in Panama City, Panama, most U.S. citizens including those in Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware or just about anywhere else in the U.S. can legally log on and enjoy the many casino style offerings at Strong security measures and attention to legal details make the site as attractive as do its beautiful graphics.

A $5,000.00 welcome bonus is one of the first things you’ll see when you log on. After that, you’ll discover a wide choice of casino games, and daily and weekly promotions and progressive jackpots make the games even more enticing. For a great combination of fun and exciting games, the comfort that comes from the knowledge that you’re enjoying a legal gambling experience, and the security and privacy measures provided by all make for a memorable visit to first-class online casino.

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Now that you’re loaded with all the information you need to determine which of these legal online gambling sites are best, and what is potentially shady, we want to provide you with some pointers on what makes a visit to an internet casino special, as opposed to simple, or even boring. And of course, these will enhance your confidence that you’re enjoying your favorite games in a safe and legal way.

Software and games

There are several software manufacturers that make online casino sites operate in a way that is both legal and exciting. There are some sites that do a good job despite the fact that their games are browser-based, but in most cases, it’s the software is that determines how many games a site may present, as well as the pulse-rate increase level those games may generate. RTG is a well-respected choice, but others do a good job, and a little research on your part will help you decipher the differences.

The games are the reason you go – and a quality site will give you many choices. Casino sites should provide a wide selection of slots, along with craps, roulette, numbers games like bingo and keno and, of course, everyone’s favorite, blackjack. There are many other specialty games available at the best sites.

Casino Deposit Methods – Legally depositing funds into casino accounts

There are many methods that offshore casinos permit for players to add funds to their accounts. Laws passed by Congress, though, restrict those options for players located in the U.S. Since statutes like the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act have been upheld, banks in the U.S. are constrained in ways that do not apply to institutions overseas. There are, though, a number of legal ways in which American players can set up and conduct their accounts at legal casino sites.

These include deposit methods like major credit cards, paper drafts, cash wire transfer, electronic wallets, prepaid vouchers/cards and a few other methods discussed further on our deposits page.

Casino payout methods – how to get legal payouts from casinos

Winning at a legal online casino site is, well, wonderful. Getting your money should be no less so. Most quality sites make that process relatively satisfying if not necessarily instantaneous, and there are several methods available to U.S. gamers playing legally on sites not located in the U.S.

Approved Casino Payout Methods For Americans:

Checks Through Couriers, Payment Back To Credit/Debit Cards, Cash Wire Transfers, Money Wired Back Into Bank Accounts, Money Orders + Cashier's Checks, Payments Issued Through Prepaid Debit Cards

Regulated Online Casino Gambling In The U.S. - What's In The Cards?

When one says, “Regulation” in the U.S., many citizens shake their heads in a way that signals support of a deregulation mindset. In this case, however, a little regulation may not be dangerous but in fact, a real positive.

Several states, including Pennsylvania, California and more, are taking a look at regulating online casino gambling as opposed to outlawing it. As a result, lawmakers are realizing the possibilities that could arise from the tax revenue accumulated from such regulation. Taking advantage of this, states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware all have legal casino gaming options for residents of their states and the trend appears to be growing!

Stay tuned in to – we’ll keep you informed as to how these measures progress and, hopefully, succeed.